30 O Pandora!
1 GE 6
3 Triste
4 The Thinker
5 Gemini
11The Kiss
13 Chiron
21 Estrella
27 Celebrate
Some of Micks' own personal artwork.

Carinho (image below) is the only piece left for sale of this series.

These pieces have either been directly carved by hand in stone or have been cast from maquettes into bronze.

Sizes range from 2.2metres down to 33 cm.

The largest piece weighs around 2.5 tonnes
c. M.Sanderson 2008 All rights reserved
Carinho (left) is carved from Ancaster Hard white stone.
Carinho weighs approximately 440kg and stands 1.5 metres high and is for sale.
Work in progress - rugby
The Poacher - football
Marsh Harrier
Beyond the Vacuum...